Kexa is an excellent maintenance cloud solution for small and medium size companies. It is incredibly powerful, effective and remarkably simple.


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Mobile maintenance for iOS and Android Whether you are at your desk, at a customer site or in a factory working on equipment, KexaMaint is always there to help you in your work!

Keep your maintenance at your fingertips using your tablet or smartphone. Your CMMS service is in the cloud, log in and check all the information required when you need them. You are in your region or the network has let you down? You still have the information required for your work in your hands! You can even add information, create new interventions and document offline! The exchange of information between your mobile device and your Kexa resumes when the network is restored.

The mobile application of KexaMaint is available for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. This is not just a website, but a CMMS application that was designed specifically for iOS and Android for you to enjoy all the technological advantages of these devices!

A simplified life for your workers
Give them access to the information they need, remove the paper work and see the benefits for your business!

Representative up-to-date data thanks to our CMMS in the cloud
No need to transcript information. The information is collected where it is and Your Kexa is constantly and effortlessly updated!


Well documented work
The CMMS application automatically updates time worked and allows to document the work with photos, sound clips and more!

Authorizations or confirmations of your customers Maintenance app for iPad and Tablet
You work with your clients? Make them sign electronically, even on the service call to which you are responding!

Everything is there...
You create your requests and you assign it to an employee. An operation can be simple, or you can document the steps, select the parts to change, attach procedures to the work order, create verifications etc. You do the work in advance, or you let your worker manage all aspects of the work order.

KexaMaint follows you everywhere!
Download the KexaMaint mobile CMMS application for Android and iOS