Kexa is an excellent maintenance cloud solution for small and medium size companies. It is incredibly powerful, effective and remarkably simple.


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Maintenance CMMS for Mac - Windows - MobileKexaMaint was created to provide an alternative for small and medium companies that have the desire to take care of their investments but which are not found in large CMMS software solutions that match their size, their workforce or quantity / criticality of their equipment.

Whether machinery, infrastructure, buildings, cars or trucks, all assets should be maintained to protect its value and extend its useful life. However, it is not necessary that every manager should spend many hours every day to manage proper maintenance of its facilities!

KexaMaint was designed for you!
Managers and employees who have a more modest maintenance need than a large multi national and an equipment fleet that does not require a sophisticated maintenance planning algorithm. The great strength of the KexaMaint maintenance planning software lies in its simplicity, speed of installation and mobility. Being a cloud application, KexaMaint can be used anywhere you have a network available.

And if there is no network availability?
The mobile CMMS application of KexaMaint allows you to work in an offline mode! Your Kexa service works on your phone or tablet, you are ready to work anywhere, without restrictions !!  

Peace of mind
No installation required! Your data is in the cloud and secure. You can access it from everywhere!  

Learning and putting into operation
Videos on our Kexa Youtube channel help you learn to use KexaMaint and gives you tips for easier use!  



KexaMaint follows you everywhere!
Download the mobile CMMS application for Android and iOS  

Optimizing travel Kexa Maintenance Equipment maintenance board
KexaMaint allows geolocation of your equipment to avoid unnecessary trips!  

Effective maintenance management
The information is provided clearly for quick and effective consultation. No need to go through countless pages!

Structured Maintenance
Easy distinction between preventive and corrective work orders and service calls for precise planning!

Planned prevention work
An easy to consult calendar shows the upcoming work avoid surprises!

Accurate and detailed cost
All intervention costs (parts and labor) are included in each of the work orders. It easily finds the response time per employee, details of parts replaced and all the other costs involved in the work!  

Simplified inventory and asset management in the cloud
The Professional KexaMaint plan allows you to effectively manage inventory and parts supply!  

Try for yourself the power and simplicity of KexaMaint maintenance planning software!
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Kexa Maintenance for Ipad and tablet





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Mobility is key!










Effective Inventory and Parts Management (PRO PLAN)
Economic asset management is an essential aspect of any company. Keeping your inventory in check with the right inventory for the right parts is essential to the bottom line of every company.

Kexa lets you order, manage and track all your parts and inventory. Order parts by creating supplier purchase orders, send PO's by email, receive and manage all your parts until they are used in Work Orders and leave your inventory. We even let you create part categories, part classes, part kits, transfer inventory from one location to another or add different tax groups per part. Every step is managed and tracked by our software.

Track and Manage Assets Effectively
Creating assets in KexaMaint is an essential part of making the most out of your maintenance management software. Everything starts by creating assets as accurately as possible.

You can add a description, add coordinates where the asset can be found geographically, add a division, set the criticallity, you can even choose a parent asset and add the 'out of warranty' date so you can take proactive decisions regarding the replacement of your asset. You can also add a meter and create a list of parts related to the asset.
Create work orders and service call directly from the asset in question. Track all your maintenance costs (labour, parts or other) right from the asset file.
Now this is what we call effective maintenance management.

Work Order Management From Anywhere On The Planet
Kexa offers you the possible to create work-orders and service calls using both the desktop and mobile applications. Your own work orders and service calls but also for those you add to your account.  As an administrator you can reject or approve these work requests and take appropriate action without delay.

To make work order management easy, you can automatically have verifications added to the equipment or add verifications (or list) to each work-order and set the priority of the work-order. You can even create preventive Work-orders and schedule them according to factory requirements (i.e. for warranty purposes) or schedule them according to your own needs.

And much more such as:

Simplified Employee and Resource Management
Create employee files, set user permissions for work orders, parts, employee management, supplier orders, inventory management asset management and more..
Add a superviser for the employee, determine the type of resource he will be and add his hired/fired dates... it's all available in one easy to manage employee file.
Also, when an employee uses a mobile devise his devise identity is automatically added to his employee file

Manage Employee Time Sheets With Ease
Approve/disapprove work-order time sheets for each employee/work order 

Supplier Management In A Bird's Eye View
All the supplier information in one handy file. Send purchase orders directly to the supplier by email for quick restocking!

Requestors Management
Create and manage all requestors from one handy list for a quick overview. 

Track and Trace All Transactions Effectively
Track all transactions involving your work orders and parts from the Transactions list.