Kexa is an excellent maintenance cloud solution for small and medium size companies. It is incredibly powerful, effective and remarkably simple.


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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is KexaMaint easy to use?
KexaMaint was developed in the spirit of Web sites you use every day. Particular attention was given to ergonomics and intuitivity to make your experience as pleasant as possible and make your job easier!
Does KexaMaint offer a mobile application?
Yes, by enrolling an employee in KexaMaint, one can either use the Web application or use the mobile application at no extra charge! The mobile application is available on the Google Play and Apple store. Its use is adapted to make the most of the features of each device, be it an iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet, etc.
On which computers or tablets does KexaMaint work?
KexaMaint works on any HTML5 capable browser. It can be used on both Windows PC and Mac, on most tablets and smartphones currently on the market!
Which Web browser is compatible with KexaMaint?
Any HTML5 compatible Web browser. Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.
Does KexaMaint offer online help or videos to facilitate learning?
KexaMaint provides specific online help on each page, but it also offers a Youtube channel that includes videos greatly facilitating learning the software and its use!
Does Kexa offer a training service?
Although Kexa is very easy to use, you can contact us for a remote training session. You can purchase credit hours for customized training or to help you push your Kexa even further!
Can I recover data from the CMMS software I use now?
Our technical specialists are able to integrate the data you already have to facilitate and above all speed up the setup of your CMMS! Contact us to learn more.
Do I have to install software to use KexaMaint?
No! KexaMaint is a web application in the cloud. Simply use a web browser and your data is stored and secured on our company servers. It's what we call having peace of mind!

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