Kexa is an excellent maintenance cloud solution for small and medium size companies. It is incredibly powerful, effective and remarkably simple.


Our Mission

Our mission is to offer you an affordable world-class solution to manage all your service calls and maintenance jobs.

Our Values

We believe that you should always receive value for your investment; ultimately saving you a lot of money on assets.

Our Solution

The solution is simple; an effective and time saving cloud-based program to keep an eye on your expenses, thus saving you time and money.

About Kexa Maintenance in the CloudMaintenance management tool

The Canadian company Kexa was founded in 2016 by Conception Interal Inc.  Interal develops the Interal Maintenance application now for over 25 years. Interal Maintenance, is sold in several countries on three continents, covering the needs of both the small business and multinationals in all areas of activity.

Maintenance software for SME

However, although SMEs are very well served by Interal Maintenance, the Canada based company has found a growing need for a more simplified CMMS, offering simple but complete functions and which can be used anywhere, on different platforms.

Kexa Maint is based on 26 years of experience in maintenance management, having identified the needs of thousands of users of maintenance management software (CMMS / EAM). Kexa's mission is to offer maintenance people, simple software tools that are available whereever they work. 

Mobile CMMS

Using the Cloud, Kexa Maint not only offers mobility on tablets and smart phones, but the full management software can also be used on all Microsoft platforms, Apple and Android through the Net! Maintenance in the cloud is a reality established for some time, and Kexa Maint is the answer to the growing need for a simplified mobile CMMS. In addition, if the need arises, and the user wants to push the Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) even further, a migration to the world class software 'Interal Maintenance' is possible!


With an easy to understand interface and great documentation, setting up your system is Easy!


Manage your maintenance requests and jobs from your computer or mobile devise.


For a low price per user you'll get lot's of benefits ultimately saving you money.

We Try to Create a Difference

Kexa is an extremely powerful yet affordable maintenance solution!
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